Floral Bike Basket : make with me

floral bike basket

floral bike basket 1

I felt a bit sad today. No idea why, but I randomly burst into tears whilst watching a YouTube video with some dads dancing with their babies. It was actually a happy video so I’m not sure where the crying came from, but I knew I needed to do something productive and bring some pretty into my day to help. So I went outside in the sunshine, and decided to add finally make my floral bike basket. I first saw this idea in Germany, and I loved it. So here is a quick and easy DIY for you to try.


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2 thoughts on “Floral Bike Basket : make with me”

  1. This is great ’cause I’ve been looking for a place to put my basket as I have lights on the front so it’s been pretty weird and difficult and the flowers are a great addition.

    1. missdonnadelightful

      Hi Alison!
      I’m so glad you liked my pretty bike basket tutorial. Please share any pics you have if you decide to have a go <3
      Good luck with getting your bike basket in the right place - it took me a while to work it out
      Donna xx

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