Dior, “New Look” and how fashion changed in an instance

dior new look

Everybody loves a little bit of history. Well, if you live in the past like me, then you would love history anyway. So that I was able to dress more vintage on a daily basis, I found it really helpful to learn about the fashion and reasons behind it for the time. I decided to share this with you. We are starting with Dior and the “New Look”

A little history…

Back in 1946, with the devastation of the war, the economy of many of the European countries was exhausted, almost to the point of bankruptcy. In the UK, the immediate post-war period was named “The Age of Austerity” – money was in short supply and rationing continued to hinder the development of the fashion industry.

The pace of the fashion industry and it’s revival varied from country to country and in the US ready-to-wear went from strength to strength. Immediately after the war, the slimmer silhouette and shape of the garments shows the effect that rationing had on day-to-day life and style. Rationing would continue, in one way or another until 1958.

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