Adventures in Life: our last night in Berlin 

Hello again, or should I say Guten Tag!?

As you may not know, I went back to Germany with my beau. We had such a wonderful time, and now I want Germany to adopt me. All of the food was so fresh, there are many amazing vegan places to eat and we went on adventures and explorations every single day. If you haven’t been, you need to. I feel that Germany as a holiday destination, is so overlooked. Well, in the U.K. it is anyway. I’m going to be sharing more of what we did and where we are over the next few posts, but I want to share with you our last night in Berlin.

The sun was shining, I was with my favourite, and we had a table booked for Kimchi Princess. Kimchi Princess is a Korean restaurant where we had genuine Korean BBQ, cocktails and some kimchi of course. I’ll be posting a review soon.

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4 thoughts on “Adventures in Life: our last night in Berlin ”

  1. loving the alien fuck yeah. everyone should see it.
    i saw and heard your karaoke performance and it was not like a strangled cat at all. in fact you sounded great and had awesome stage presence 🙂

    1. I’m not sure, you could ask them… I’ve included their Facebook page (just click on their name ?) I do think they need to tour the UK though first ?

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