History of Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin 1950s collection

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I thought after writing my last post about Dior a couple of months ago that I would delve further into a little bit of fashion history. I’ve found that learning a little more about the history of the clothing back in the 1950’s has helped me when on the look out for thrifted styles, so I hope you find it helpful too.

Today, I am focusing on Pierre Cardin. I know that these days, the label is more known for endorsing pretty much anything, but decades ago he was a very important designer.

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2 thoughts on “History of Pierre Cardin”

  1. Hi, great info about Pierre Cardin. So, I have a unusual early design gown of Pierre Cardin. Iam not sure exactly what time it is from. I assume late 50s. Its an amazing gown with drapings rhinestone snake attachment etc, It amy have been one of his costume designs . If you know anything,please let me know. My name is Regina Mccrutchen vintagelemonde@gmail.com

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