Key 1950’s styles: Preppy

1950s preppy

Hello my beauties,

As I may have mentioned, I am starting to post a little more about vintage style, and where I get my inspiration from. Today we are going to touch on the Preppy style of clothing in the 1950’s and how you can get the look too.

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2 thoughts on “Key 1950’s styles: Preppy”

  1. Beverly Merz-Booker Merz-Booker

    Thanks for jarring some memories if the 1950s. My high school class is preparing for our 60th reunion. The Teddy Girls inspired my choice of dress for our Friday causal night festivities. Actually I see from your history style notes I was both Preppy and Teddy .

    1. missdonnadelightful

      Hi Beverly!

      Thank you for your comment, I’m glad I brought back some good memories for you. I hope you have fun at your reunion ❤️

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