My first photoshoot experience, with pin-up photo shoot tips

Hello my beauties,

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you’ll know that back in November 2017 I finally had my first pin up photoshoot experience with Firefly Photography. I thought I would share my experience, and some of my top pin up photoshoot tips.

I have always wanted to do this, and I thought I would share my whole experience with you all. I was lucky enough to be treated by a very good friend of mine, who also came along with me for moral support. This is a good idea, especially if it’s your first time.

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2 thoughts on “My first photoshoot experience, with pin-up photo shoot tips”

  1. Ohmygosh! You look AMAZING! How fun!! I only just now found your site doing a search for dry rolling hair, and I *love* that you are also vegan! 🙂 (I’m vegetarian with vegan rising, and I run several veg sites, and also an 18k member vegan Instant Pot recipes site on FB.) Anyways, your photos look wonderful!!

    1. missdonnadelightful

      Hi Anne!
      thank you so much for getting in touch with me <3

      I'm glad you like my pics - it was a real confidence boost for me. I'll be sharing more dry set tutorials, pattern layouts and the results in the future as well as more vintage fashion 🙂
      All of my food is now posted at , please check it out if you like

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