The 1950s housewife style

With their sweet as candy day dresses, and perfectly coiffured hair these babes certainly knew how to welcome their husbands back home. Now, I know that these days many households have a different dynamic, with both partners working, but you can still channel the 1950’s housewife style into your daily look. I am not advocating that the repression of women comes back into style, but the choice to stay at home or go out to work is important these days. The style is what I am focusing on today.


The most popular style of dress has to be the button-down shirt waist dress. With full skirts, and a nipped in waist, it often has sleeves and a modest high neckline they were often in fun prints such as gingham, floral, stripes and plaid all featured heavily depending on the season. You could also buy yourself a cute “day dress” in cotton or poly cotton in a simple style. The length of your dress should be mid-calf or just below the knee.

1950's housewife style

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