Spring Style Inspiration

Hello lovelies,

All of a sudden it seems that the world has awoken from its winter slumber and spring is here. And I love it! It’s always difficult for me to decide what to wear in Springtime, mainly because the threat of rain is always on the horizon here in the UK.

I thought I would share some style inspiration for you all, to get everyone ready for a chic and stylish Spring.

Vintage spring fashion, 1950 spring, spring fashion, 1950 spring fashion

First up, I’m tackling the rain issue. I love the fact that these plastic raincoats are see through, so my wonderful outfit wouldn’t be covered. I’m not too sure about the shoe covers though.

I found a UK company that make these in a variety of colours, shapes and added extras. You can order pre-made ones or have a custom design. They aren’t too pricey, and I’ll be getting one once I’ve decided what one I want. Check out elements rainwear and see what you think.

For outfits, I think that thin layers are the way forward. That way if it’s sunny you can take some things off saving you from a tropical moment.

Vintage spring fashion, 1950 spring, spring fashion, 1950 spring fashion

Obviously pastels are always a winner for spring, along with floral patterns. I really do think that it’s lovely to mimic your surroundings for the season, and as the best thing about spring is brighter days and the flowers blooming I think that you’re always on to a winner with these.

In the above picture, any of these beautiful dresses could also carry over into summer, you just wouldn’t wear a cardigan or coat with them. And talking of knit wear.

Vintage spring fashion, 1950 spring, spring fashion, 1950 spring fashion

These wonderfully light and thin knits would be ideal for pairing with a skirt just in case the day goes a little chilly. I can’t decide which one I adore the most 😍

Vintage spring fashion, 1950 spring, spring fashion, 1950 spring fashion

Footwear as always would usually be heels, but for day to day looks flat ballet pumps would be great too. I usually pick out a pattern or colour in my outfit to match my shoes to. I’ve recently purchased some gingham shoes which perfectly match my gingham skirt, which oddly makes me happy.

So there you have it, I’ll be adding to my Vintage spring fashion board on Pinterest as I go, so for more ideas on what to wear this spring, why not give my board a follow?

In my news, I’m preparing to move house and I’ve found what feels like a million unfinished projects. Once I’m settled I’ll be sharing my projects here. Why not follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram so you don’t miss out?

I’m still mega happy and deeply in love with Mr Delightful. To be soppy, he’s the most incredibly wonderful person I’ve ever met, and makes me feel like I can take on the world. So everyone better watch out 😉

Here’s my favourite recent picture of me, we found a giant deckchair at Mr Delightfuls’ sisters wedding day. (Try saying that when you’ve had a bevvy 😅)

Until next time

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