A creative writer and avid reader meant that Jacqueline Bouvier was writing essays, stories and poetry as a child; her work was often printed in newspapers. At high school, she won the literature award given to outstanding student writer in her graduating class for a cartoon series she drew. During her senior year, she also won the prestigous Prix de Paris contest sponsored by Vogue. The prize, a years internship with 6 months in New York and 6 months in Paris as junior editor of the magazine was a great opportunity. However, Jackie’s mother didn’t want her to leave the country again so soon. After turning down the honor, she became the Inquiring photographer girl for the Washington Times Herald.

jackie kennedy wedding dress

After meeting then congressman John Kennedy in 1952, they married on the 12th September 1953 after he was elected to the Senate. Her dress, designed by African American Ann Lowe featured a portrait neckline, bouffant skirt and interwoven bands. Made with Ivory silk taffeta and covered in wax flowers it was made in a week and a half after a flood in the studio destroyed the original. Accessorised with a lace veil belonging to Jackie grandmother, held in place with a lace and orange blossom tiara it was the start of the world seeing Jackie as the style icon that she was.

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