Cheltenham is also wonderful, it’s a beautiful little town and I can finally make my way around without getting lost or using Google Maps! I still can’t quite believe I am really here and we’ve found an amazing little vintage shop with the most friendly shop owner – he brought out an ornate mirror to show us but unfortunately we didn’t have room to hang it 😢😢😢 I’ll keep heading in there to make sure I don’t miss out on the Aladdins cave of vintage.

I’ve also jumped on the Marie Kondo re-organisation tactics – before we moved I decluttered and I always enjoy donating items I don’t want or need anymore. But, there’s something oddly satisfying about folding all of our clothing and seeing it all so neatly put away. Plus, it’s so much easier to get dressed when you can see everything! If you’ve not given it a go – please do. Don’t get rid of everything just those items you don’t really like. After all, everything in our home should be useful or make us happy.

After all the exploring and tidying, I’ve finally gotten around to completing a lot of sewing repairs and adjustments. One of which is an amazing ball gown! I’ll make sure to post some pictures when I get dressed up in it. It truly is a delight! Now, I just need to find somewhere to wear it to 😘

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