The weekend after was the opening for the Lido just a stones throw away. It was such a sunny day we headed over. Plus, it was 2p to enter as this was the modern equivalent of the 6 pence fee when it first opened. We have even since purchased swimwear, and of course it’s been cold ever since. I’ll be sure to take pics when we do get over there.

As for our future plans, we’re going to continue watching the Marvellous Miss Maisel (HER WARDROBE, and HOME AND ALL OF IT!) and then next week we’re going to see Avenue Q twice. Opening and closing night. We’re going with different people each time, and we love it so much! If you get chance, you must go!

My bus is here now, but stay tuned because as soon as I get chance I have lots of tutorials and tips to share with you 😘

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