black forest bread and butter pudding

Black Forest Bread and Butter Pudding : Cook with me

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Hello my beauties, Winter is upon us now, and with the cold weather comes my craving for warming, comfort foods to keep me happy and smiling. With that in mind, my beau made this delicious Black Forest Bread and Butter pudding which he has kindly let me share with you all. It's chocolatey, comforting, and that cherry hit is something dropped down from heaven. This pud is ambrosia to me, and I hope you enjoy it. Cook with me :… Read More »Black Forest Bread and Butter Pudding : Cook with me

Mexican Rice : Cook with me

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Hello again, I have been meaning to share this recipe with you all for a while now. But all of the other wonderful things I have been doing (and eating) seem to have pushed this one aside. Well, you need wait no longer dear reader. I am sharing my mexican rice recipe with you all today.   Not to toot my own trumpet, but I make a cracker of a mexican feast. My super special refried beans recipe is already uploaded,… Read More »Mexican Rice : Cook with me

Adventures in Food : Wagamama, Derby

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Hello again, I know that I said last time on my review of Carluccio’s that I was catching up with my posts. Well, as I was finishing that one off, we had been out for a lovely meal again. We had been to see Avenue Q as a friend from Work was in it (if you have never seen it, I suggest that you do. It’s absolutely brilliant) and realised that we hadn’t been out for our monthly nice meal.… Read More »Adventures in Food : Wagamama, Derby

Carluccio’s, Derby : adventures in Food

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Hullo again, I am starting to catch up with all of my reviews now. Still have a few from Berlin to write, but I’m starting to scope out new places to try. Which is mega exciting and is making my mouth water as we speak. So, every month my beloved and I go out for a nice meal. I think it’s important to keep dating your partner, it fosters closeness and a connection. Plus I love to dress up and… Read More »Carluccio’s, Derby : adventures in Food

Pumpkin Spice Risotto : Cook with me

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Hello again dear reader, I think I am becoming the queen of risotto, but I am enjoying dreaming up new recipes to try and I love sharing them with the world too. Recently, I realised that it's pumpkin spice season. Mainly because it's started to be night time when I get up for a day of adventures, and also because I'm cold all the time and now live in ankle boots. So I thought, why not make a pumpkin spice… Read More »Pumpkin Spice Risotto : Cook with me
vegan seitan kofta

Vegan Seitan Kofta : cook with me

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Hello again, I have recently remade my vegan seitan kofta because I wanted to get some better pictures and also eat it. ? In the process, I did a little bit of tweaking with my flavours, and I've ended up with a much more delightful recipe. So I thought I would share it with you all . As you might have guessed, I love my food. These have already been a hit in the delightful house, and I am sure you will… Read More »Vegan Seitan Kofta : cook with me

Sweet potato & smoked paprika risotto : cook with me

Hello again, So October and autumn are finally upon us, so that means that comfort food is always going to be high on my agenda. I must admit, that I am obsessed with risotto, it always makes me so happy when I make it. Plus trying out new flavour combinations is fun too. I thought I would share this beautiful sweet potato and smoked paprika risotto I dreamt up. Sweet potato is in season now, so you should see them… Read More »Sweet potato & smoked paprika risotto : cook with me

Adventures in Food: Carnero Lounge Derby

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Hello again my lovelies, It's been another oh so delightful week in my world. As I promised, I am catching up each week with all of the truly wonderful places I have been out to eat. We visited the Carnero Lounge in Derby around 4 months ago, and I go past there almost every single day on the way to work and remember it fondly. It has cute coloured chairs and tables outside for sunny days, and inside it is… Read More »Adventures in Food: Carnero Lounge Derby

Adventures in Food : SOY Berlin

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Hello again my beauties,   I am so far behind with my review posts, I keep having amazing food all of the time... it's such a hard life  I went to SOY Berlin when I was in Germany over the summer. Located in the beautiful district of Mitte, we came here for an evening meal after exploring all day. It was lovely and sunny, and the thing I remember most was all of the people hanging out with friends in the… Read More »Adventures in Food : SOY Berlin

Adventures in Food : Doughnotts, Derby

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Hello lovely people, The recent talk of the town has been that the delightful Doughnotts (Facebook and Twitter here) has put down roots on my favourite street Sadler Gate. I actually saw this news on one late shift at work, feeling a tad grumpy on my break I spotted an announcement. And that they did vegan doughnuts. Well, I needed to have them. It's been so long since I had a fancy pants doughnut, I even got up at 6am… Read More »Adventures in Food : Doughnotts, Derby