Yummy Baked Tofu : cook with me

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Hello Lovelies, When you mention tofu to people, you get that look. The look of a child who is being encouraged to eat their most hated veggies. I have a strange relationship with tofu. It's full of protein I know, and so versatile. But when it's all gelatinous and wobbly I am not a fan. I do love baked tofu though. In my opinion, it's the best way to have it. So I decided to share it with you. It takes about… Read More »Yummy Baked Tofu : cook with me
1847 Birmingham

Adventures in Food: 1847 Birmingham

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So my lovely people, here we are again. I just wanted to start off by saying thank you. To all of you that read, commented and offered support after I posted those two mental health posts, I cannot express how much love I felt from all of you. They were difficult to write, but in way, I feel so so much better for writing them. It's almost as if I have let go of all the anger I felt towards… Read More »Adventures in Food: 1847 Birmingham
cross stitch

Cross Stitch, Learn with me

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I've recently fell in love with cross stitch again. I designed and made a few a couple of years ago, and I was asked to make a custom cross stitch so I jumped at the chance. Since then, I've added a page to my journal with more ideas I'd like to do and I've already started my next project.  A lot of people wanted to learn how to do different types of crafts so I thought I would share my knowledge.… Read More »Cross Stitch, Learn with me
washing line curtain

cute washing line curtain : make with me

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Hello you wonderful lot, I'm recently in the process of decorating my kitchen. After deliberating for ages over what colour to pick I went with a lovely pale mint green which has certainly brightened the kitchen up. It's a work in progress because I need to paint the cupboards, but I'll be showing it off once it's all done So to tide you over I've made a quick tutorial of how to make a cute washing line curtain. I found… Read More »cute washing line curtain : make with me

Fabric Name Bunting : make with me

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DIY Fabric Name Bunting   I love pretty bunting. That probably comes as no big surprise, but I also love making things. Not only do you get something unique to you, but it often works out cheaper than something you would buy. A friend of mine has recently had twins so I thought making some bunting for them. Here's a simple tutorial for a DIY Fabric Name Bunting. Without further ado... Let's do this DIY Fabric Name Bunting. Supplies: Various Fabrics, in… Read More »Fabric Name Bunting : make with me