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floral bike basket 1

I felt a bit sad today. No idea why, but I randomly burst into tears whilst watching a YouTube video with some dads dancing with their babies. It was actually a happy video so I’m not sure where the crying came from, but I knew I needed to do something productive and bring some pretty into my day to help. So I went outside in the sunshine, and decided to add finally make my floral bike basket. I first saw this idea in Germany, and I loved it. So here is a quick and easy DIY for you to try.


DIY: Floral Bike Basket


You will need:

  • Assortment of Fake Flowers, they will need long stems
  • Wire Plant ties
  • Wire Cutters / Pliers
  • A woven bike basket


First things first, you need to separate all of your flowers if they are in a bunch. I got mine from Wilkinson’s and the total cost was just over a fiver. I went for different sizes and styles, but made sure that I was happy with the look of them all next to each other. Start cutting the wires or stems with your cutters, making sure you leave a long stem. Some of mine were doubled up on one stem, so I left this in place otherwise the stems would’ve been too short.


floral bike basket1

Next start inserting your flowers. I started with the roses, and pushed the stem through the weave of the basket. To secure it, bring the stem back on itself, and push through another part of the weave of your basket. I put mine two or three strands up, and one across so that it wouldn’t slip back through to the same place you inserted it. When the stem is on the front, push it back through to the back, and tuck it underneath the loop that you’ve made.


floral bike basket1

Keep placing your flowers building them up to a look that appeals to you. With the ones that are doubled up on one stem like mine, take the flowers off completely. Push the stems through from the back so the join is at the back. Using the plant ties, secure the double stems by holding the flowers in place and twisting the plant tie around the stem. If needed, use the plant ties to secure flowers into place. Press down on the back of each wire loop to make sure there aren’t any sharp edges sticking out. Nobody wants to be cut by pretty flowers.


Now you’re all done. I hope you enjoy adding some flower power to your bike rides. Please share with me if you decide to give it a go. Let’s all bring some floral bike baskets into the world.

Floral Bike Basket 1


  1. Alisson

    This is great ’cause I’ve been looking for a place to put my basket as I have lights on the front so it’s been pretty weird and difficult and the flowers are a great addition.

    1. missdonnadelightful

      Hi Alison!
      I’m so glad you liked my pretty bike basket tutorial. Please share any pics you have if you decide to have a go <3
      Good luck with getting your bike basket in the right place - it took me a while to work it out
      Donna xx

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