How to: Soft and casual Cat eye make up

How to: Soft and Casual Cat_eye makeup

Hello my beauties,

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, especially a tutorial piece for you, but I promise this is worth the wait.

People ask on a frequent basis how I do my cat eyeliner, so I thought I’d share a quick and easy tutorial for you. I’ll hold your hand every step of the way, and if you have questions; pop them on as a comment and I’ll try to help.


Firstly, I do use liquid eyeliner with a super flexible brush. I’ve tried gel eyeliner in a pot that you apply with a short bristled brush, I’ve tried the felt tip pen liners and I’ve tried a liquid eyeliner with a solid tip. None of them worked for me, but always experiment to find one that works for you.
The particular liner I use is from Poundland. For those of you outside of the UK, this shop is everything trashy that you didn’t know you even needed. But for their make up (which isn’t only cheap, it’s also not tested on animals) it’s excellent. The eyeliner I have comes in a little pot, it usually lasts me a month or so if I’m wearing make up everyday – to me that’s pretty good going! The main thing you want is the flexible brush, it’s easier to get your flick, and the crisp edges on your delicate eye skin as the brush does all the work for you.

You will need:


nude, pale pink, one tone up pastel pink, dusty pink, darker dusty pink and peach

Variety of brushes

Choose a flat one for application, and angled one for the corners of your eye and a lovely soft one for blending. 

The coveted liquid eyeliner in black

Or your preferred applicator for liquid eyeliner ❤


Your favourite, but I love using a volumising one 😘

Your chosen brow product

I use powder for a softer look

Before starting make sure your eye area is clean and that you have applied a primer. Mainly so the eyeshadows don’t stain your skin!

Your step by step for a pretty cat eye look:


Using the nude eyeshadow and a fluffy brush, swirl over your entire eyelid. This helps with blending and provides an evenly coloured base.

2. Using the palest pink shadow and a domed brush, sweep the colour on to your lid and into the crease. Blend slightly up towards the brow bone.


3. Taking the less pale pink and an angled brush, add some depth and colour to the edges of your eye, and blend across your eyelid.

4. Next, take your darkest dusty pink and a flat eyeshadow brush. Press colour across your eyelid only. Try to make the colour as even as possible.


5. Using your peach and lighter dusty pink shadow, blend colour across your eyelid using a fluffy domed brush. Concentrate on the edges of the darker colour and the edge of your eye.

So that’s the base eyeshadow done. Don’t panic for the eyeliner, once you know how it’s easier than it looks. It might take practise though!

Feline Fine

  1. Take your liquid eyeliner and make sure that it’s evenly spread out on the brush. Starting at the edge of your eye, draw a line up towards the edge of your brow. Depending on the angle, the look will change so it might take a bit of practise on finding the right one for your eye shape as well as the desired effect. I tend to do mine curving upwards slightly to open the eye area.

2. Starting a little bit down on your wing, draw an angled line down towards your eyelid. This line should end in between your pupil and edge of your eye but you can tidy this up later if you want.

3. Getting as close as you can to your lash line, draw a line right across. If the top of the line is a bit wiggly, leave it – you can tidy it later on.


4. Leaving the inner corner of your eye thinner, draw another curved line across your eyelid. I have the thickest part above my pupil, and have a smooth, curved line attaching to the wing.


5. Fill in the gaps, and add lashings of mascara.

And that’s it! Although you might need to practise, this is the easiest way I’ve found to get a cat eye quickly and easily. By using a flexible brush, you get a sharp, neat line without too much hassle. This is a daily look for me.

Remember, let me know if you’d like me to do any more tutorials, or if you have any questions by commenting.

In other news, the move went really smoothly. To the point where Mr Delightful and I were thinking about random things that could go wrong – you know too smoothly. The cat is settling in well, and so are we. I’ve got lots of plans for posts, and I’m even planning to do some more sewing soon. I feel so incredibly in awe that we finally did it. I feel calmer, happier and very lucky to be able to wake up next to my handsome man everyday. I’m excited about our future here in this beautiful place we now call home.





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