March 2019 – my monthly roundup

March 2019 – my monthly roundup

Hi again kittens,

I know it’s already halfway through April, but I have been so so busy! But it’s all worth it.

So, my month has been filled with lovely food, exploring our new town and watching shows and movies that make me want all of the things.

As I write, the sun is shining, I can see the Cotswolds off in the distance and I’m amazingly at peace. Even though my brain has been scrambled a little with information I’ve been taking in at work. It’s exciting to be part of the future of the company though, I’m along for the ride 💪

So first, the food. I have been eating so much yummy stuff that I’m busting out of my girdle. Worth it, and I’m so glad I splurged on two corsets so that when the pudding belly gets bigger I can hold it all in when I wear a pencil dress.

First up. THE IVY. Delightful doesn’t cover it in this place. I know why everyone sees it as a “must visit”. The staff are attentive, food is presented prettily and is delicious to boot. Plus the opulent surroundings really spoke to me. I love a mid-century home along with some kitsch but another of my great loves is Art Deco aesthetics. And the Ivy doesn’t disappoint. Honestly, if you ever get a chance to visit Cheltenham, add this to your itinerary. It will not disappoint.

My new favourite place for coffee and cake is The Find. It’s also around five mins away so that’s always a bonus for lazy Saturdays with my beloved. We’ve been a fair amount and I’m a bit disappointed in myself that I’ve not got anymore pictures. But I guess that shows just how lovely and distracting the cake is here. I promise I’ll get more pics for you! This place is also so cosy and cool. Cool as in I can imagine living there.

Koj is a Japanese restaurant that isn’t sushi. It’s food to share, and was so amazing that even though I adore sushi, I’ll definitely be heading back. We also went back for drinks in their little bar upstairs. I even had cocktails made with sake which was lovely.

Kibou is a sushi restaurant just down the street from Koj. I like to think as they both clearly have a passion for Japanese food, and both aren’t competing with each other, that they are actually good friends and visit each other. Don’t ruin my imagination.

We have been out for food at other places, but there’s been so many that I can’t remember. I’m so embarrassed right now, but then again I am tired from doing all of the work!

So, what’s next? Ah yes… the exploration. Every single weekend, I say to Mr Delightful that I would like a lazy weekend. But then, we head out for lunch, and find something cool to check out. So we do. I have no regrets though 😘

First up, we found a vintage weigh and pay where I got my mitts on a fabulous evening gown. Because of course 🤷‍♀️

It needs a dry clean and some minor repairs but look how pretty 😍

The weekend after was the opening for the Lido just a stones throw away. It was such a sunny day we headed over. Plus, it was 2p to enter as this was the modern equivalent of the 6 pence fee when it first opened. We have even since purchased swimwear, and of course it’s been cold ever since. I’ll be sure to take pics when we do get over there.

As for our future plans, we’re going to continue watching the Marvellous Miss Maisel (HER WARDROBE, and HOME AND ALL OF IT!) and then next week we’re going to see Avenue Q twice. Opening and closing night. We’re going with different people each time, and we love it so much! If you get chance, you must go!

My bus is here now, but stay tuned because as soon as I get chance I have lots of tutorials and tips to share with you 😘

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