Monthly Summary – April 2021

Monthly Summary – April 2021

Well, another month has flown by hasn’t it?

It’s strange how in a pandemic our lives seem to go a lot quicker than usual. Perhaps filling our days with adventures mean that time is slowed down a lot. Who knows! When I start thinking about the passage of time I tend to start having an existential crisis so I will stop thinking about it…

Like many others over the last year, I have gotten a little bit fluffy around the middle. I still love the way I look, but unfortunately my clothes are a lot tighter and some don’t fit at all. With this in mind, Mr Delightful and I have started to get our acts together and began to cut out the take-out, go out walking where possible and generally just move about. It’s hard sometimes trying to fit work and exercise in but I want us to be wonderful together for as long as possible. I’m also working on cutting out sugar (I have far too much of a sweet tooth) and trying out HIIT. I did find a few workouts that were set to emo songs of my youth which made it fun, even if the warmup alone made me feel like I was dying!

The main reason I am trying to be healthier is because a lot of my vintage patterns simply won’t fit me without some serious adjustments. Plus, the garments I have made already definitely don’t fit and flatter as well as they should. It might sound vain to admit I am doing this to fit into clothes, but I’ve spent time and money so I don’t want to be wasteful.

I’ve actually decided to make some changes to how I choose my clothing items too. I am going to aim to have true vintage, handmade by me or high quality items made by someone else where possible. This won’t take a lot of work to be honest as I have many pieces to keep. I do need to go through my wardrobe as I have many pretty dresses that simply aren’t my style anymore. My plan is to sell these on so they get a new home to be loved in with any funds being used for something new.

I mentioned above making my clothes and I’ve fallen back in love with sewing over the last 12 months thanks to my vintage Singer 99k hand crank. She’s beautiful, reliable and so relaxing to use – not to mention the cool attachments I’ve been collecting. I also have a treadle machine which I plan to learn to use when we have more room. My opinion is to have something that isn’t powered with electricity just in case everything does go tits up. That way I can become some kind of apocalypse couturier.

Anyway, I better get back to life so I have something write about next month. I leave you with this. “In a world where you can be anything, be kind”

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