Monthly Summary – August 2021

Monthly Summary – August 2021

Hello kittens,

We’re over 8 months into 2021, and I’ve only just started to get myself out and about. This means that we are both fully vaccinated now and finally feel comfortable (ish) when out and about. I do still wear a mask indoors and on public transport. My view is that this whole thing is far from over and we still need to be sensible, but we also need to continue on as we can. I think I’ll continue to wear a mask in those situations permanently – I have quite enjoyed not having every single cold that comes along.

I am sure you’re all more interested in how I am and what I’m doing rather than the pandemic…

We’ve been getting healthier and more in shape as the year continues. I have managed to fit into some of my clothing again which was the aim of the entire thing. I’m not one to be 100% healthy all the time, I still enjoy a good take-out but I need to have them less often of course. I think going out to a restaurant is more of an experience so we may do that more than having a take out at home.

Speaking of home, we’ve had a bit (a lot) of a declutter so we now have our dining room back and the start of a home office. It still needs work – we need to get some of the old funiture out of here, but it’s great to have a dedicated work space. I find I am much more productive and I find it easier to switch off. We’ve only just got around to doing it now as I was wary of putting in all of the effort when it may be temporary. Both of us will be working from home part time at least, so we did need a dedicated space. I love the fact that I can decorate – I’ve already put a genuine 1950s dresser in here to store all of my sewing patterns and tools, so now it’s on to replacing and upgrading our existing items with versions that are more of our style. I’m also planning to start putting up more of our art work – getting things framed is a faff which I didn’t get around to yet. We can also take them with us when we decide to buy our own place so it’s not money wasted. It’s a very exciting time, even if I do end up cutting my fingertips on the edges of glass frames.

Now that I am getting used to my slightly more toned bod, I have been treating myself to new items of clothing. My aim is to have higher quality reproduction items, true vintage where possible with some things homemade items by me. I have mentioned this previously, but now I have started to put the plan into action. I have three early sixities suits on the way – if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen one of them on my story and have also chosen some vintage inspired underwear. I am a firm believer in making everyday special, so wearing good quality clothing is part of that for me.

Now for the adventures – our first excursion was to a meal with my family for my mum’s birthday. It was lovely to see them properly in person again – and not just from a doorstep when the dropped a card around after my appendectomy. I didn’t realise how much I had missed them, and how much news we had. I have enough trouble remembering each month for these posts, so you can imagine what I was like for 18 months worth of news. I am glad to report that everyone is healthy and well, and even though my elder brother and his lovely wife weren’t able to make it we did think of them.

Following that, we went out for brunch with some friends. Over the last year, Mr Delightful and I have decided that perhaps we would like to be more socialable – with great people of course. I don’t want to spend time around those that are judgemental or don’t have the same values as me but rather be choosy and spend time with those that are fabulous. We had a marvellous time, and we went to one of our favourite places and of course I had one of my favourite dishes. It was a great day, and now this coming weekend we will be going to Stroud. I have been told by many that I need to go here – apparently there are tons of vintage shops. So – credit card at the ready!

I’ll be sure to keep you updated, I am also working on some lovely content for you all.

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