Monthly Summary – June 2021

Monthly Summary – June 2021

Hello Kittens,

Well once again we’ve come to the end of another month, and my mind is of course blank as to what I’ve been up to.

The work pressure has either eased or I have gotten better at managing my time (who knows, it’s probably both) so I am feeling a little more in control. This has meant I’ve had more time for introspection and I am truly excited for the days when we’re comfortable with being out and about again. We have still only had one jab each, so aren’t quite there yet but almost! I have noticed that I’ve found it all too easy to slip into the negativity these days. I really do think that many people will have felt this way, and I am usually so very positive so it hits me hard when I feel all moody. We plod on though and continue as we do and I am sure better days are coming soon. I have started to try to be more thankful for what I have. I found that imagining what the 6-year old version of myself would think if they saw me or the marvellous life that I lead. It really does help me to see that I am amazing and how happy I am. If you’re feeling sad or down, why not give it a try?

Mr Delightful and I are still on a health kick and go out for walks most days. It’s amazing to see how the plants and flowers grow over time. There’s a lovely rose garden in the local park full of delicious smelling pink and white blooms that really do cheer my heart when I see them. There’s also lots of lovely trees and other plants which smell divine as well as the pooches running around. It always seems to put me in such a marvelous mood whenever we manage to get out of the house.

I’ve not really been buying any sewing patterns recently, but I have managed to get my hands on another vintage sewing machine making my total now to three. I almost brought another mini machine the other day which does chain stitch too. I really do need to stop myself. I believe they all need to be loved and used so my buying them all – no matter how pretty – isn’t letting them fulfil their purpose. Anyway, my new machine is electric and my oldest machine. It comes with all sorts of cams to make different stitches so that’ll be fun to experiment with. I am a little scared of it at the moment because it seems so complicated – it will come with time just like my other ladies.

Another thing about sewing is that I have started to make something so amazing that I really am excited to share with you all. Imagine if you will, a dress only for the skirt area there are wide leg culottes. Pretty amazing right? I haven’t seen a pattern like that so of course I purchased. I am almost finished with this one, and I cannot wait to see people’s faces when I tell them that it’s not a dress but shorts. My thoughts are that on windy days or when I will be sitting on the ground (like at a picnic) then these culottes will surely come in handy. I have been lunging and dancing about when trying them on for fit which has amused us both.

Another big update is that I was asked to co-host on local radio for the evening. It was super fun and I got to share my views on mental health and vintage fashion. I have realised that I should give myself credit when it comes to speaking in public. I am very good at it even if I sometimes worry I’m not. It’s good to push ourselves and as I said on air The old me would never have spoken on the radio.

We have a little time off in July – it’s very needed, so lets hope the sun comes out! On that note, I will take my leave. We are about to go on another promenade around the local park.

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