Monthly Summary – March 2021

Monthly Summary – March 2021

Well, this hasn’t been updated for a very long while. That probably means there is either going to be very little in here or it’ll be about ten million pages long.

I think for almost everyone 2020 was one of the worst years. The pandemic has affected every facet of life across the world. I was going to keep a written journal of the times, but as we headed into the first lockdown last year in the UK and I saw the empty shelves that people had cleared to stockpile, I suddenly felt very depressed and worried about the whole thing. I had been worried before, but with anxiety I was convincing myself that I was overreacting. I wasn’t, so I know sometimes my gut feels are usually right.

I am one of those people who is ambivert but I do usually prefer to be an introvert. So having to stay in and not having social pressure was kind of nice at first. In fact, for most of the year I have felt incredibly lucky to be able to spend my days with my favourite person and to take the time to chill, do more with my hobbies and to learn new things. But I think now, I am definitely ready to head back out into the world – especially as we found a lot of places locally that we would like to go to.

So I guess that’s enough of my moping and musing, I will try to summarise what’s been happening in my little corner of Cheltenham, as always, I hope you enjoy.

So I think the last time I updated was as I started my job. I am over the moon to tell you that things are going very well. Although I don’t get to travel as much anymore, I get to work with a bunch of great people from all over North Europe. I am seen as a specialist for marketing automation, website experience and social media and I am amazed at how far I have come in the last two years. 2020 was certainly challenging but in a way it was positive. I never thought I would be launching five websites in a year, but things happen this way sometimes. It went rather smoothly, and I am doing more this year.

Anyway, enough talk about work. What happened in 2020?

With all of the spare time I had, I did manage to make some clothing for myself from vintage patterns. I will eventually show them to you, but as with many of us I have put on a little bit of weight over the last year. I’m starting to try and move around more and eat a little better (bye bye take out) but I’m not being too hard on myself. I have survived the hell year so that’s always a bonus.

On the topic of sewing, I managed to get my hands on two beautiful vintage singer sewing machines. One is a handcrank machine and the other is a treadle. I also managed to service them both and get them stitching. Honestly they are wonderful and have given me my love for sewing back again. I will never go back to using a modern machine again.

Mr Delightful and I are still head over heels and have been planning on lovely things to do once lockdown is lifted and it’s safe to be out again. We’ve not had our vaccines yet but according to the prediction it will be in the next month or so.

We’ve also found an amazing patisserie locally that had the most amazing treats ever. We’ve had them a few times and I adored them.

Oh and one last thing. For my 2020 birthday I had my appendix removed. If that doesn’t sum up last year then I don’t know what will!

Living my best appendix free life 😉

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