New adventures await us…

New adventures await us…

Hello beauties,

So, you may already know this, but if not I have a huge, exciting and a little bit terrifying announcement to make. It’s been a rollercoaster; but now everything (and me) has calmed down a bit I’m ready to share. No I’m not pregnant (being a certain age and female you’d be surprised how many people think I’m up the stick)

I don’t even know where to start with this. Well, I guess the situation is probably best otherwise no one will have any clue at all what I’m waffling on about. But first, here’s some amazing vintage powder bowls I’ve got my lucky paws on.

So my wonderful Mr Delightful has been working in his new job for a little while now, and as you know he’s away during the week. I really do miss him so much, and we were planning to move in together in between both of our work places in November (birthday gift to me 😘)

That is still happening, but it just so happens that the location has changed. We are moving to the delectable and deliciously wonderful Cheltenham. Unfortunately, this means that me commuting to my current job isn’t feasible. Which makes me sad. I genuinely love my job, but I love my beau even more so although it was a difficult decision to make, I know in my heart that it’s the right one for me.

New starburst clock Mr Delightful got me for our new home coming up!

So everything will be all systems go for a little while as I need to get a new job nearer my new part of the world, as well as find a home together and pack (again!)

I’m truly going to miss Derby, my friends and work. But I’ll still pop back for visits and people are welcome to come and see us there too. I’m happy and excited and terrifying all at once, which is understandable. Over the last couple of weeks of handing in my notice, telling my colleagues, family and friends I’ve almost had several crying breakdowns but my mind has now levelled out where I can write something.

I almost feel like this is a huge press conference and I’m looking forward to our fresh start and new adventures.

I’ll be back to post more soon, just need to get packing!

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