Why self care is mega important to me

Why self care is mega important to me

Hello lovely readers,

I’m going to touch on a subject that I have been meaning to do for while. Self care.

In this busy, hectic world sometime everything seems constant. Working, household management and even being social can all take their toll and your mental health can suffer. I’m going to explain why I think self care is mega important, not only for mental health, but your physical health too.

Sometimes being social can be exhausting.

I like to think of myself as an introvert who is very good at being an extrovert. This has recently been known as being an ambivert. Put simply, you enjoy going out and being sociable, but it can be draining. It’s not to say you don’t enjoy the company of those you are hanging out with, but just social interaction is tiring. This is very true for me. I go through phases where I want to do loads of things with people I love, then other days I want to spend my day knitting in my pjs. The key is having a balance. Spend time doing things as a group, but also know your limits of when you are tired and go home to rest.

That being said, getting out is good for you too. Try not to closet yourself in a self inflicted hermit state and see people. It’s good to have friends, family and a supporter network around you. For some, this may only be a few people, but quality over quantity is key here for me. I have very good friends who understand me well, and know that when I am not out a lot that it’s not them that’s the cause. It’s me and there is nothing wrong with that.

Stress can make you ill

Have you ever had the feeling where you are run down after a period of great stress? I know I have, and I’m sure many of you will have too. In a period of prolonged stress (so everyday) the stress hormone that your body produces (called corticosteriod) supresses the amount of white blood cells that your body produces. This means you’lll catch all those coughs and colds easier, and also find it more difficult to get rid of them. You might also use unhealthy coping mechanisms when you’re stressed, like drinking, eating junk and smoking they can all affect your health.

When I’m most stressed out, I have tummy troubles too. IBS, Gastric Ulcers and other digestive ailments are all affected negatively by stress.

And the sicker you are, the worst that you handle the stress. I find that looking after me once in a while, helps me to be more productive, happy and also helps me look after those who are important to me.

Self Care helps me to recharge my batteries and brain

It’s no secret that I get anxious and worried sometimes. I’ve been upfront about this on my previous posts and in real life. When I am not looking after myself, I find that my anxiety and worry are more prounounced and I find it harder to manage them. Self care helps me with this feeling. It gives me a sense of recentering and refocusing, along with relaxation. It’s restful and a bit of a treat to look after me, and a perfect end to a busy week of being awesome. I see it as an act of self-love too. For all of the negativity we are bombarded with on a daily basis, it’s lovely to look after number one once in a while.

Ways to get self care into your daily life

  • Set aside some time everyday (even if it’s for 15 minutes)
  • Have a list of things you like to do to relax you and have different ones for different amounts of time you have available (I have mine noted in my bullet journal)
  • Practice mindfulness or meditation everyday. As hippy as they sound, being mindful and meditating is an easy way to rest your brain and process the days throughts.
  • Add your self care to your daily to-do list. If someone asks if you are busy during this time, you are. You are busy looking after yourself <3
  • Check in with yourself about your life. Life is too short to be unhappy, so ask yourself regularly if where you are and who you are spending time with makes you happy.
  • Have quality self care. You would probably want to slob out and watch TV for 6 hours a day if you are feeling stressed. But think, is this really best and is it actually going to help you unwind?

I hope this post has helped and given you ways to incorporate self care into your daily life.

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