Clothing and Accessories Tutorials

It’s really easy to get hung up on not knowing where to start when you’re making your own vintage clothing and accessories.

But don’t worry, I’m here to help.

Easy tutorials and ideas will get you started, and of course, the more you make the better you’ll get.

Set aside sometime when you can to create something, just make it regular and you’ll soon be on your way to being a fabulous seamstress in no time.

diy lace and velvet bralet

Velvet and Lace Sew-along

hello kittens, Recently, I have become obsessed with pretty and comfy underwear. This basically means bralets and lace, especially now summer is around the corner. No-one has time in hot weather for underwire. I've imagined, or possibly saw a beautiful, bottle green and black lace bralet, but couldn't find one in the shops (probably because I did  imagine it all in my head). So I decided to make one and share my DIY Lace and Velvet Bralet tutorial for you all… Read More »Velvet and Lace Sew-along
DIY living succulent ring

Living Succulent Ring : make with me

You all know how much I love my little plant babies. It seems like the world is finally catching up, I've seen succulents for sale in the supermarket and some beautiful ways to wear them, and even a little plant pot for your bike! You too can wear your plant babies and take them out and about. I'm hoping wearing this DIY living succulent ring will stop me buying new ones when I'm picking up bread. DIY Living Succulent Ring Supplies:… Read More »Living Succulent Ring : make with me
floral bike basket

Floral Bike Basket : make with me

I felt a bit sad today. No idea why, but I randomly burst into tears whilst watching a YouTube video with some dads dancing with their babies. It was actually a happy video so I'm not sure where the crying came from, but I knew I needed to do something productive and bring some pretty into my day to help. So I went outside in the sunshine, and decided to add finally make my floral bike basket. I first saw this… Read More »Floral Bike Basket : make with me