Hello, it’s simply wonderful to meet you!

Over five years ago – you wouldn’t have recognised me. I was uncomfortable in my own skin, felt useless and unwanted and didn’t wear clothes I liked. I was too scared for all of that, and I guess part of me felt I didn’t deserve to be happy and confident. So I didn’t even try.

After having some help with my self-esteem, I thought “Sod it! I’m going to be who I want to be”. So here we are.

I always wear clothing that I like, some are true vintage, some repro, and some high-street finds.

I mostly put my hair up, and set it on occasion. I usually wear cat eyeliner, with varying intensities of shadow. And I manage to give advice to those just starting on their vintage journey.

So if you have visited me before, you may notice that everything has changed. I decided to transform my site from my “safe space” to a place where everyone can get advice, see tutorials and read my musings. You can be starting your journey to being you, comfortable in your own skin or somewhere in between. My aim is to show you how to achieve Vintage Living in a Modern World.