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About Me

Many years ago you would not have recognised me at all. It’s not just down to the fact I am now a luscious red head – it’s more to do with who I am and how I carry myself. Let me explain a little so that everything will become a little clearer.

All that time ago  I was very uncomfortable in my own skin. I felt useless and unwanted and for some reason my brain decided that people must  have been saying terrible things about me. Of course that wasn’t the case at all. Because I felt this way about myself, that is, I was such a terrible person who was unworthy, I didn’t do what I wanted to because I was so worried about what people thought. Part of me also felt that I didn’t deserve to be happy and I never could envision myself as being one of those confident people – it just didn’t feel like me.

It got to a point where I felt ill all the time. Through worry, unhappiness, anxiety. I also still had that little spark of “what if”. What if I could be happy? What if I could be more myself? What if I could wear whatever I wanted? I spoke to my doctor and after having some help with my self-esteem, I thought “Sod it! I’m going to be who I want to be”. So here we are. It took time for me to begin to live, but it was worth all of the effort – and crying (there was a lot of that).

After completing the work on myself, I decided that I wanted to dress primarily in the clothing styles of the 1940s,1950s and early 1960s. I had always loved learning about history in school, and in particular the glamour of Old Hollywood inspired me. It took time, and learning but I eventually built up my wardrobe to be either “true vintage”, reproduction or high-street finds that echoed the period style I wanted to channel into my daily life. Recently I have also made the decision to either make my clothes, buy handmade or buy vintage. I will still share how you can use reproduction brands or high-street finds though, but hopefully my stance will inspire you along the way. I must add, I don’t want to channel the beliefs of the time, I wholeheartedly stand with Vintage Style not Vintage Values”

Since then, I have dressed this way for way over 6 years now. And, my life has changed so much. No longer am I the shy little mouse who didn’t deserve to be happy…

I am finally, and unequivocally, myself.

My Latest Instagram Posts

My aim is to share with you inspirational fashion, how to look like your favourite movie stars, learning about key designers as well as seeing what actual people from the past wore on a day to day basis. I want to make dressing vintage something that is accessible to all. If there is one comment I hear all the time it’s ” I wish I could wear clothes like you”.

Well, guess what, you can!