Get the look: Grace Kelly’s Effortless Glamour

Get the look: Grace Kelly’s Effortless Glamour

Grace Kelly is without a doubt the epitome of elegance and if you were to look up the word in a dictionary you would be sure to see her name in the definition. The actress, who was known for films like Hitchcock’s Rear Window, became Princess of Monaco upon her marriage to Prince Rainer III in 1956. Her style was more than befitting of her royal title and is still inspirational for those who want a classic, chic style even today. If you want to look like Grace Kelly, then my guide will help you.

I’m basically a feminist. I think women can do anything they decide to do.

Grace Kelly

As one of the most photographed women in the world, Grace Kelly was most often pictured in impeccable fairy-tale looks in chic ball gowns and cocktail dresses. However, her off-duty, casual style was as much a part of her enduring iconic style status.

Get Hair like Grace Kelly

Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered.

Grace Kelly

There are many tutorials out there on how to get Grace Kelly’s hair, but I need to emphasise this – you will need rollers or a curling iron! This hairstyle won’t be possible by coaxing the hair with a round brush and hairdryer. Whether she had fuller curls or gentle waves, Grace knew that the most flattering way for her facial structure was to have the hair pulled back away from the face.

To achieve this, set the hair using rollers or stand up pin curls dampening each section with your setting lotion of choice. Follow the directions of my curl pattern below, and wait until your hair is completely dry before unrolling. When brushing through, rush hair away from the face and let it settle away from the face. Pin away from the face before setting with a light mist of hairspray and a little serum on your ends to prevent fluffiness.

Essential Tips for Hair

  • Use rollers or stand up curls to get soft waves and volume
  • Roll hair away from the face
  • Brush through to gain waves that form together
  • Use a serum or pomade to maintain sleek waves and prevent fluffiness

Make up to look like Grace Kelly

I don’t want to dress up a picture with just my face. I like having my neck and shoulders and head in the shot, so people know where my face is.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly’s minimalist chic has rightfully earned her the reputation as one of the most classic beauties of all time, but even she had her little tricks to enhance her look. Instead of harsh lines and colour, she opted for neutral shades to subtly enhance her features. Tawny brown eyeshadow was delicately used along her eyebrows to define them, with a darker brown shadow on the lid and lash line to enhance the eyes. Long before contouring, Grace took a more subtle approach to sculpting her cheekbones using two different shades of blush. To do this, use a darker, cooler tone under the cheekbones and a brighter,pink colour on the apples of your cheeks. Of course, she also drew attention to her lips, with a deep shade of red applied to her pout which had been expertly lined beforehand.

For skincare, she was a fan of New York City-based dermatologist Dr. Erno Laszlo – like Audrey Hepburn, Marylin Monroe and Jackie Onassis – and it’s widely reported she visited Laszlo’s Institute of Scientific Dermatology. Also known as the House of Silence, the private spa offered high-profile clientele customised skincare programmes and made-to-order products to enhance and protect their flawless complexions.

It’s said that Kelly followed Dr. Laszlo’s famous splashing technique when she used the Erno Laszlo Phelityl cleansing bar by splashing her face 30 times with warm water as she cleansed. However, her blemish free skin wasn’t just down to good genetics and an effective skincare routine, as Grace really did look after herself. She drank lots of water, swam a lot, didn’t smoke and snacked healthily on nuts and dried fruit and carrot sticks when on set. Grace was known to be obsessed with taking care of the skin on her hands, as this is where the age on a woman shows first. I always use the same skincare on my hands as I do on my face to save me buying lots of different products – after all my dressing table only has so much space!

Essential Tips

  • Get a skincare routine in place that works for you
  • Lightly define brows using a shadow that’s close to your own natural colour and apply using soft, short strokes
  • Brush a darker brown shadow on your eyelids to define the lash line
  • Use one coat of mascara for light definition
  • Sculpt cheekbones using two shades of blush – a darker shade underneath and a pinker shade on the apples of your cheeks
  • Line lips with red lipliner and fill with your favourite shade of red lipstick

Dress like Grace Kelly

I think it is important to see the person first and the clothes afterwards.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly had what Alfred Hitchcock once described as “Sexual Elegance”. Always mysterious, captivating and well-dressed, Grace was classy, sophisticated and proper. She was never one to shock audiences with the next big trend, but created a simple and stylish look that was timeless.

Grace Kelly is still the standard when you think of elegant glamour and is a go-to inspiration for anyone who wants a chic, put-together look. Even when not going to an evening event her look was anything but casual. Her outfits always looked expensive and luxurious.

The Circle Skirt

In the 1950s, Grace often wore dresses that were nipped in at the waist, had a fitted bodice and a full circle skirt. This was of course the “New Look” by Christian Dior, one of Kelly’s favourite Designers.

Simple and Chic Separates

Grace was well known for wearing a simple twin set with Capri pants and ballet flats for a stylish and simple look.

Minimal Accessories

Grace often turned heads, but especially did so at events and galas. She did let her evening gowns speak for themselves, often accessorising with a simple set of pearls and a clutch bag.

Solid block colours

Grace often wore solid colours, specifically blue, pink, white anod her favourite colour yellow.

Simple white shirts

Even in a casual white shirt and red-blue silk scarf, Grace still looks stunning and All-American in this 1955 outfit.

Tailored cigarette pants

Just a few days before her wedding to Prince Rainer III, Grace wore this collared shirt with belted,tailored pants that accentuated her tiny waist. Completed with a printed scarf in her pocket the actress looks her trademark effortless and fuss-free.

The Kelly Bag

Originally known as “sac à dépêches” when created in 1935, this Hermès bag was renamed after Grace Kelly after she held in front of her in 1956 to hide her pregnant belly. The Hermès Kelly bag is still one of their most coveted bags, even today. You can opt for a structured vintage 1950s handbag with a handle on top to avoid a hefty price tag.

Are you going to channel the chic and stylish Grace Kelly into your daily look? I particularly love the idea of a lighter make-up just in case I feel like being a little more casual.

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    Grace Kelly will always, since 1979, be my role model, i still love and think of her so many times, all i can say, is just thankyou, for making me the women and grandmother i am now.

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