Fashion History and Inspiration

I always enjoy looking at old photos, and by looking at fashion history you can get a hefty dose of inspiration too.

I try to cover as much as possible, from stars of the day and designers as well as subcultures to make sure you can get what you need to become the vintage belle you are inside.

Jackie – America’s style icon of the early 1960’s

At 31, she was the youngest First Lady since Frances Cleveland; and she was known for her love of arts and culture and as an international style icon. And with good reason. Today, we explore the life of Jackie Kennedy, and take some style tips from the stylish first lady that we all love. Jackie as a child Born in 1929 in New York, Jackie Bouvier attended George Washington University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and French after… Read More »Jackie – America’s style icon of the early 1960’s

Spring Style Inspiration

Hello lovelies, All of a sudden it seems that the world has awoken from its winter slumber and spring is here. And I love it! It's always difficult for me to decide what to wear in Springtime, mainly because the threat of rain is always on the horizon here in the UK. I thought I would share some style inspiration for you all, to get everyone ready for a chic and stylish Spring. First up, I'm tackling the rain issue.… Read More »Spring Style Inspiration

Key 1950’s style: Casual Chic

hello my lovelies, As summer is coming up, I decided to cover a casual chic look for my next Key 1950's style. Think about Audrey Hepburn, who managed to look classy and stylish even when casually dressed for strolling around Europe. Many people think that 1950s style is being dressed up everyday, and always being preened to within an inch of your life. But that really isn't the case. A casual chic look is easy to obtain and is perfect… Read More »Key 1950’s style: Casual Chic

Bettie Page: Queen of Pin-Ups

Hello my beauties, Exciting times in the ohsodelightful universe. I have decided to focus this blog purely on Vintage and Tutorials. Do not fear if you come here for the recipes and food they will have their own space on the web pver at Now that the big announcement has been made, today's post is up next. The focus will be on Bettie Page today, she is a great source of inspiration for many people, and is one of… Read More »Bettie Page: Queen of Pin-Ups

My first photoshoot experience, with pin-up photo shoot tips

Hello my beauties, If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you'll know that back in November 2017 I finally had my first pin up photoshoot experience with Firefly Photography. I thought I would share my experience, and some of my top pin up photoshoot tips. I have always wanted to do this, and I thought I would share my whole experience with you all. I was lucky enough to be treated by a very good friend of mine,… Read More »My first photoshoot experience, with pin-up photo shoot tips
teddy girls

Key 1950s Style : Teddy Girls

Hello kittens, Last time we focused on Preppy Girls as my style focus. And this week I am taking a look at the other teenage subculture Teddy Girls. A cross between a flamboyant Edwardian Gent and the American Rock and Roll culture, they style on paper doesn't work, but in reality it does. Considered to be the first female subculture for style and fashion, the Teddy Girls or Judies. Wearing the same drape jackets, rolled up jeans and flat shoes… Read More »Key 1950s Style : Teddy Girls
1950s preppy

Key 1950’s styles: Preppy

Hello my beauties, As I may have mentioned, I am starting to post a little more about vintage style, and where I get my inspiration from. Today we are going to touch on the Preppy style of clothing in the 1950's and how you can get the look too. Think about the film Grease. Now I know that it was made in the 1980's but it is set in the 1950's so it counts. Sandy at the start embodies the… Read More »Key 1950’s styles: Preppy
Pierre Cardin 1950s collection

The History of Pierre Cardin and how he was expelled from the Chambre Syndicale

Hello my darlings, I thought after writing my last post about Dior a couple of months ago that I would continue and share with you my knowledge on the History of Pierre Cardin. I've found that learning a little more about the history of the clothing back in the 1950's has helped me when on the look out for thrifted styles, so I hope you find it helpful too. I know that these days, the Pierre Cardin label is more… Read More »The History of Pierre Cardin and how he was expelled from the Chambre Syndicale
dior new look

Dior, “New Look” and how fashion changed in an instance

Everybody loves a little bit of history. Well, if you live in the past like me, then you would love history anyway. So that I was able to dress more vintage on a daily basis, I found it really helpful to learn about the fashion and reasons behind it for the time. I decided to share this with you. We are starting with Dior and the "New Look" A little history... Back in 1946, with the devastation of the war,… Read More »Dior, “New Look” and how fashion changed in an instance