Gene Tierney – Hair curling and styling tutorial

Gene Tierney – Hair curling and styling tutorial

How To: Gene Tierney Dry-set

Hello kittens,

I’ve not posted in what feels like forever. Starting a new job and moving house has seemed to take over (and I’m still not fully unpacked!) but, now that things have kind of settled down a little I decided to follow a setting pattern to get the style of Gene Tierney.


My hair sounded like a similar length and cut to hers, and I’ve not set my hair for a little while. So I gave it a go.

I used for rollers rather than pin curls, as it was more comfortable to sleep in for me. I used large rollers (3.8cm diameter) for the top, front and sides and a smaller roller (2.5 cm diameter) at the back rolling in the direction that the pin curls would sit.


My dry set was achieved using a extra firm hold setting lotion as I have fine hair that doesn’t hold a curl using heat very well. I used enough to dampen my hair so that it would be dry in the morning. Experiment with setting lotions and amounts until you get the right amount for you.

After sleeping in the rollers overnight, I unwound them and ended up with this.

Ignore the sleepy, no makeup face here. It was the morning and my coffee hadn’t kicked in yet. But look at those curls!

Now for the brush out. I used a red rubber “Denman” brush. Again experiment with what works for you. I do have some more brushes on the way so I’ll let you know how that turns out.

Firmly grasp each section of hair and brush in the direction that the roller was. It’ll get crazy and then settle down. Use your hand to shape the curl as you brush, and for the ones at the back and sides, group together after the initial brush out and they’ll merge into one. Pretty cool, right?

After this, lightly spray with hairspray and add a little pomade to any wispy bits.



It may not be perfect, but I’m pleased with the overall result. I forgot how much I love having curls and how fun it is to experiment with different setting patterns too. I’m planning on doing more in the future, and might even add some video of me actually brushing so it’s more helpful for you all.

I hope you enjoyed my quick run down of how I achieved the Gene Tierney setting pattern, and I’ll speak to you all again soon.

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