Get the look: Rita Farr Style Inspiration

Get the look: Rita Farr Style Inspiration

Hello kittens,

I’ve not posted for a while. What with the site redesign, work and travelling I’ve not felt very inspired. But that doesn’t mean I’ve not been paying attention to learn about things I think you’ll find helpful when getting a vintage style into your everyday.

We’ve been watching Doom Patrol recently, and I fell in love with Rita Farr. Rita is a silver screen movie goddess who has a mishap that changes her life forever. She still looks fabulous even when facing death which is why I love her so. So without further ado, here’s how you can get Rita Farr’s look everyday.

Doom Patrol EP. 104b — “Cult Patrol” — Photo Credit: Eli Joshua Ade / ©2018 Warner Bros.Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Rita’s hair

Popular in the 1950s and 60s the pageboy hairstyle is believed to be based on the “pudding basin” cut of the late medieval pageboy. It’s mostly straight, coming to shoulder length or just below in this era, where it usually curls under. A well cut pageboy is easy to maintain, and in the 50s was edgy and fashionable. So it makes sense, that Rita has this style being a glamorous lady of the era. Most hairstylists should be able to cut a pageboy that suits your face shape, and give you tips on how to style.

Copyright: DC Comics – Doom Patrol

Rita tends to wear her hair in a slight side part, so when setting, make sure you follow this step. As we all know, the direction of the rollers is important for a perfect brush out. When placing your hot rollers, pin-curls, or foam rollers, make sure they are placed low on the head to ensure that smooth and sleek top, and curl them under and towards your face.

When your hair is completely dry, or cool (depending on what method you use), loosen the curls and comb through. This will make the curls start to smooth into gentle waves. Add some serum or pomade to tame any frizz or flyaways.

Essential Tips

  • Smooth and sleek
  • Curled under towards face and nape of neck
  • Set hair lower so there’s no volume on the crown

Rita’s Makeup

With her tamed brows and smooth skin, Rita turns heads wherever she goes. Start with a light coverage foundation set with translucent powder to mattify your skin. Brows are filled with powder matching your actual brows, using an angled brush light brush the power to form a gentle arch.

Eyes are neutral, with a light nude powder brushed over the entire eyelid, and a light brown to define the crease. Blend this to high heaven because you want a natural look. Lashings of mascara enhance the eye, creating depth and drama.

Rita always has colour on her lips too. She often has red (of course) but can also been seen in sheer coral

Doom Patrol — Ep. 101 — “Pilot” / Photo by Bob Mahoney / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Essential Tips

  • Light, matte coverage on skin
  • Brows lightly filled with powder and tamed
  • Neutral, natural eyeshadow with mascara to define
  • Red or coral lips

Rita’s Clothing

Rita usually wears a knit up top (you do see her knitting quite often in the show) with a skirt or trousers down below. This is my daily look at the moment, because I love how effortless it is – plus it’s cosy now the weather is cooler.

A good starting point would be to get fitted sweaters in black, cream and red. Then you can source circle skirts, fitted and pencil skirts, and tailored trousers to match.

Accessories usually include a thin belt worn over the top at the waist, and flat shoes or court shoes in one of the colours that she is wearing.

Essential Tips

  • Knitwear – fitted jumpers and cardigans, try adding some embellishments
  • Pencil skirts, Circle skirts and tailored trousers work well
  • Flat ballet pumps or court shoes
  • Accessorise with a thin coloured belt, or some discreet stud earrings

I love Rita Farr in Doom Patrol, Mr Delightful said I would adore her when he was telling me about the show. She isn’t just glamorous, she’s tough, stubborn and trying her best to be a good person.

As Rita herself says,

“We’re going to save the world, or whatever, and then I will have a stiff Manhattan and go to bed.”

Rita Farr

If you want to see more of what inspires me, why not check out my Pinterest? It has lots of sections all dedicated to vintage style.

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